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Anneke T Ruigh

As an answer to all these questions: is it harmful, is it some sort of therapy, is it psychotherapy? I can honestly answer: NO it is not.

As psychologist and behaviour therapist, I recognize parts of the cognitive and the rational emotive approach in the Landmark Education Program. This is a course, an education, in which the participants look at their own life right now, in the present. They do this in a step for step process, led by the Landmark Forum Leader. They have complete freedom either to join the conversation always a dialogue between one person and the Landmark Forum Leader or be just listening.

I did the Landmark Forum in 2000, inspired by a woman I met on a walking tour in Amsterdam city. I had been retired for seven years, I lived a happy life and I went out of curiosity. It has been a lucky experience for me, I learned a lot about myself, and I realized that I had observed and diagnosed children and adults all my life…did I ever look at myself NO. Did I see how others might see me? NO.

As an example of what I got out of it: The relations between my 12 years younger brother and his wife's sons were minimal, we saw each other once a year. I made myself the story that he and his family were not interested in their aunt and so I withdrew.

After the Landmark Forum, we have a loving and understanding relationship.

In the Landmark Forum I looked at my relationship with people, and I found that I often took these for granted though they were fulfilling. Since then many relations are more fulfilling and rewarding than before.

In what I have experienced during this course and following courses I took, there is no reason at all to think it is dangerous or harmful to the psyche.

If people write in their information sheet that they have psychological or are in therapy, the responsible course leader logical problems may advise them no to register now, or suggest that they notify their therapist if the should participate or not.

The way the Landmark Forum is led shows great care, shows openness and love and always respect.

I felt it as a great good to be able to handle relationships with openness and care. There is more love and more fun in my life and I am happy to assist in the Family Division of Landmark Education.

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